Cobalt work programs are now underway!

Thank you for your interest in Cruz Cobalt Corp. As you can see there are many compelling reasons to look at Cruz Cobalt Corp immediately. Cruz has recently hired experienced geologists to begin operations on our Ontario, BC, Idaho, and Montana projects. Cruz has completed an airborne survey over our Ontario cobalt prospects which has identified 6 primary cobalt targets. Airborne data gathered on Cruz’s 2 BC Cobalt properties has shown strong magnetic features within the cobalt prospects. Also, Cruz has commenced work programs on Cruz’s 100-per-cent-owned Idaho Star cobalt prospect in Idaho, and Cruz’s 100-per-cent-owned Chicken Hawk Cobalt Prospect in Montana, USA.

According to President James Nelson, “Cruz employed early mover advantage as Cruz has been able to acquire, what we feel is one of the best collections of high grade cobalt prospects in North America before the majority of the recent cobalt entrants were in the space. Cruz currently has Seven cobalt projects located in Canada, one in Idaho and one in Montana. Cruz’s 5 separate Ontario cobalt prospects are all located in the vicinity of the city of Cobalt. They include the 1,265 acre Coleman Cobalt Prospect, the 900 acre Johnson Cobalt Prospect, the 1,580 acre Bucke Cobalt Prospect, the 4,980 acre Hector Cobalt Prospect and the 10,556 acre Lorraine Cobalt Prospect. Our 2 separate BC properties include the 11,821 acre Purcell Cobalt Prospect and the 15,219 acre War Eagle Cobalt Prospect. Cruz’s USA projects include the 1,339 acre Chicken Hawk prospect in Montana and the 80 acre Idaho Star prospect. Based on these projects, management feels that Cruz has amassed a quality portfolio of cobalt assets that have some of the highest historic cobalt grades in North America, which sets Cruz apart from most cobalt companies in the junior space.”

“Cruz has the money already raised to commence full operations on these projects with our goal to make Cruz the ‘go-to’ North American Cobalt project generator and developer. 2018 will be an extremely active period for Cruz and management is optimistic about what will be discovered by Cruz on our cobalt properties.” states President Nelson.

Cruz is fully cashed up and has already commenced operations on multiple projects in the USA and Canada.

Cobalt prices have increased significantly over the past 24 months and in March of 2018 broke out to 13-year highs. Similar dynamics that have driven lithium prices higher are present in cobalt, and that is why Cruz established itself at the early stages of this sector move by securing multiple high-grade cobalt project.

Additional Information

Please see the link below to Cruz Cobalt Corp’s fresh video content:


Here is a good graphic explaining the battery makeup and how cobalt fits in:


Here is a link to a recent article reporting about the mining of cobalt in Africa. As you can see this is why we are focused on developing and acquiring high grade projects in politically stable, environmentally responsible and ethical mining jurisdictions: